We have recently had a guest staying at the Bailey’s Uptown Inn who has a family member at Baylor Hospital.  She has been with us for over 6 weeks.  She started me thinking.  We are located just 1.7 miles from Baylor.  We should see if there are other families out there who don’t want to stay at a hotel, they want to stay someplace more like home.  We offer a special rate for family and friends of Baylor patients.  Call now – (214) 720-2258 or email [email protected]

One of the advantages is that once you learn the route from Bailey’s Uptown Inn to Baylor (which is displayed below), you really don’t have to learn your way around Dallas because you can walk to just about anything in Uptown.  In Uptown you can walk to restaurants, drug store, grocery, shopping, dry cleaning, hair salons, all without getting in your car.

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