For the best breakfast in uptown, try the Dream Café in the Quadrangle, located between Routh and Vine streets, just a quick walk from Bailey’s. The Dream Café’s laid-back atmosphere, complete with outdoor seating on the patio and frequent live music, is perfect for a lazy Sunday morning. The patio itself is a major draw; Dream Café takes pains to create a lush and verdant atmosphere for its patrons.

Local breakfast favorites include the “cloud cakes,” ricotta pancakes stuffed with strawberries, and the granola-crusted French toast. Most items at Dream Café are not only delicious, but good for you, too. Another favorite is the Austin Tacos, whole-wheat tortillas rolled with scrambled eggs, diced potatoes and smoked bacon, topped with picante cream sauce and melted jack cheese.

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2800 Routh St, Ste 170, Dallas, TX 75201

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