If you live in Dallas, you’ve no doubt seen the bizarre outer-space-like building going up just outside downtown Dallas. It is our new Perot Museum of Nature and Science and it’s so popular that you actually have to buy a ticket in advance to get it.  Update as of 08/23/2013 – As I’ve heard from museum regulars the BEST time to visit the museum is in the afternoon at around 2:30.  This is when the museum tends to be the least crowded.  

The museum has five floors and eleven permanent exhibits, plus a theater.  The lower level has a children’s museum.  It is a place that can occupy a minimum of 4 hours and all day if you like.  I had the luxury of visiting the museum myself at night when it was almost entirely empty.  Kids will enjoy the opportunity to race a dinosaur or an Olympic athlete.  I enjoyed the floor with exhibits about the human body.  Everyone I know who has been says it’s incredible, but crowded.  That seems to be the general consensus on Tripadvisor as well.

The museum hours are 10am to 5pm Monday through Saturday and 12pm to 5pm Sunday.  The first Thursday of each month the museum stays open until 9pm, which might be a less crowded time to go.  There is a place on the site to preorder tickets.  Don’t bother going if you haven’t done this because it is currently sold out.   The museum is located a 2201 Field Street, less than a 1 mile walk from Bailey’s Uptown Inn.

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