I have been a long time fan of Dream Cafe.  One of the reasons is that they serve breakfast all day, which I love.  If you don’t want breakfast they have lots of other great choices, my personal favorite is the “square meal” which is beans, rice, grilled vegetables and a Tahini sauce with a glass of wine.   It’s delicious and you don’t feel terribly guilty after eating it.   My friend, Ellen, who is almost always there with me swears by their chicken enchiladas.    If neither of these hit the spot for you their menu is very diverse and you absolutely can’t go wrong with breakfast especially the could cakes or the cinnamon snail.

Last night I was there and I discovered another reason why I love this place – they have live classical music on Thursday evenings. I don’t listen to classical music all that often but it was a violin and a piano playing tango music.   The artists rotate.  Sometimes it is a cello player, sometimes it’s even a singer.  Check it out!

The other thing I love about Dream Cafe is their patio.  It’s one of the few in Dallas where you aren’t sitting outside facing a busy street.  There are lots of tables and the atmosphere is great.  That’s three great reasons to go to Dream Cafe.  It’s only two short blocks from Bailey’s Uptown Inn at 2800 Routh Street.


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