Whether you are a fan of George W. Bush or not, the opening of the Library on the SMU campus is a big event for Dallas.  The Library has lots of exhibits – one that is dedicated to 911.  There is an exhibit that talks about what Bush thought his presidency would be about and you turn the corner and you are at 911.

I haven’t made it to the museum yet but you can read all about the exhibits and get information about the museum here.  There is a replica of the Oval Office as it was when George W. was president.  The museum is a short drive from the B&B or you can ride the train.  The Dart Rail has a stop at Mockingbird Lane that is directly across from the campus.  If you opt for this route be aware that there is still a fair amount of walking required.

The Library is not free to enter, full disclosure.  Adult tickets are $16.

I’ll update the post with more information once I’ve been to the Library.


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