It’s time to hit the fair once again any time between now and October 20, 2013.  I wanted to write something for guests at Bailey’s Uptown Inn about what’s new at the Fair this year.  If you were in Dallas last year you might have heard that during the last week of the Fair Big Tex burned to the ground in a matter of 15 minutes.  This year’s Fair will have a tribute showing the life and times of the old Big Tex as well as unveiling a new one.  The new Big Tex is 55 feet high.

One of the most anticipated things at the fair is always the newest fried food. This year the best tasting fried food was voted the Cuban Roll which has chopped ham, pork shoulder, cheese and pickles.  If that’s not your taste look for the Fried Thanksgiving Dinner voted most creative.  It is creamed corn, stuffing and turkey rolled up and fried.

If you are looking for discounts to the fair take a look at this article which has something for just about everyone and every day of the week.  If you want to see what will be happening on the day you are there check out this site for a list by day and by hour.  Want to avoid parking your car at the Fair, which can be another $15?  You can ride the Dart.  This site will show you a variety of options by bus or light rail.

Hope you enjoy your visit!


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